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Experiencing the Resurrection by Henry and Melvin Blackaby – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

This book is quite encouraging and convicting in a number of ways as I am reading. The Blackabys intersperse many scriptures with their narrative and have much to say about the reality of God’s power in our lives. This is not just a “happy – perfect life if we follow him” book though. The authors acknowledge our imperfection as humans as well as that we will face struggles and difficulties. They do remind us though that the trials and difficulties we face will ultimately be used by God in ways we can’t see now. His purpose supercedes even the poor choices we ourselves make, if we are His. This is a wonderful study of Christ, God and the reality of the Resurrection for Christians today as well as what it means for our lives now.

See this post for details on how to win a copy of this small but powerful read steeped in scripture and faith building encouragement for even the roughest times we face.


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