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The Promise of Morning by Ann Shorey – My Review

Revell (March 1, 2010)
I first discovered Ann Shorey’s books when she started her publishing career over a year ago with the debut novel of At Home In Beldon Grove, The Edge of Light. In Promise of Morning we revisit Beldon Grove after Matthew and Karl returned from Ohio with Matthew’s sister Molly and her children after she lost her husband to illness and his brother took over all of his late brother’s assets. Molly and the children squeezed into Matthew and Ellie’s home with their growing family upon the trip’s conclusion but only until Karl, the local doctor and Molly find themselves forming their own family with her children. Molly and Ellie have remained close friends all this time and their children grow up together and have become close friends rather than just cousins. In this 2nd installment Beldon Grove is faced with a rival for the influence of their community who is not only an outsider but wants to change everything about the town. Matthew is dearly loved by the community but how can the residents ignore someone who carries such a clout with his ideas? When he feels as if the people are chasing him from his home and church he falls into the trap many of us would in his position and runs off from not only the town but his family and work. Can his family and community survive without him under the heavy hand of the outsider, Marcus Beldon, who claims the town is rightfully his and touts his Harvard education as proof that his qualifications overshadow those of their current church leader. Beldon and Matthew encounter one another and butt heads on many counts but the most vociferous battle is waged over an itinerant theatrical company coming to town performing Shakespeare. The company’s visit not only leaves their cultural mark upon this small, conservative community but also entice a woman away from her husband and family under false pretenses. Will the guilt of running away as well as that of trusting those who prove themselves false under scrutiny tear homes and families apart or will they find their way back together even stronger than before? Read Ellie and Matthew’s story in this novel and don’t forget about Karl and Molly’s story in the first volume of this series.

Once again Revell has delivered an author who digs deeply in research to weave a rich tapestry of historical detail into a gripping narrative that will appeal to historical fans as well as those simply looking for a story to while away their hours with a journey beyond the bounds of modern life and everyday routine.
(ISBN#9780800733339, 324pp, $14.99)

Visit Ann’s Website. Use the bookcover above for more info or to purchase a copy. Thanks to Revell for a review copy.


4 comments on “The Promise of Morning by Ann Shorey – My Review

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  2. Ann Shorey
    April 7, 2010

    Thanks so much for reviewing The Promise of Morning. I’m thrilled that you have read The Edge of Light, and connected the characters. I appreciate your take on my second novel in the At Home in Beldon Grove series.


    • shirley
      October 19, 2010

      loved your books waiting for the third one to come out

  3. Tracy
    November 4, 2010

    Although I love Ann Shorey, I found that “A Promise of Morning” to be emotionally difficult.

    Being a Pastor’s wife myself, I find myself overly sensitive to the depiction of Pastors and their families. I did not enjoy the character of Pastor Matthew and did not like how he was such a “bull in a china shelf” and created judgements of others so quickly.

    If you’re interested, I have more to say on my site at


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