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Fairer than Morning by Rosslyn Elliott – My Review

Thomas Nelson (May 10, 2011)
Elliot has penned an entrancing first novel that draws readers into the lives of characters they are hesitant to part with as the last page is closed. The language and writing describes events and emotions so that I have experienced them as if I were the one in the story rather than an onlooker via the page the author has constructed for me to read. As I read I am left wondering in each situation how I would face it were I the one to encounter such treatment or decisions in my own life. Will with his ruthless and immoral master whose scruples will not prevent him from expecting similar corrupt behavior of his apprentices must face many crossroads and decision points in this story that force him to take stands which result in even more harsh treatment from the man who is out for nothing more than his own gain. Sheltered Ann must face that life is not the simple, smooth road she has seen despite the losses of her life and the lacks in her social status. Much in this world is not fair and little can be done to overtly confront some of the most visible and strongest evil-doers we witness without endangering our own safety. These lessons put her in a position of struggling with many difficult truths about the nature of humans and life in general. I look forward to reading the remainder of this book and of Elliott’s series to see how Ann and Will deal with their dilemmas as well as grow in their faith. I also look forward to more of other characters I’ve met in this book. (9781595547859ISBN#, 400pp, $15.99)



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Visit Rosslyn’s website. Click the cover for more info and to purchase a copy. See what other LitFuse Bloggers are saying. Thanks to LitFuse & Thomas Nelson for a review copy.


2 comments on “Fairer than Morning by Rosslyn Elliott – My Review

  1. Rosslyn Elliott
    September 13, 2011

    I am so glad that you enjoyed the novel and found it moving! Thank you very much for your encouraging, thoughtful review.

  2. Rosslyn Elliott
    September 22, 2011

    And one more thing…if you have a chance to post this review on Amazon at some point, I’d really appreciate it! We debut authors need all the help we can get. 🙂

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